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5 Top Benefits of Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Let Us Shed Light Upon Lighting Control for Your Dallas Home.

5 Top Benefits of Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Lutron offers several lighting and shading solutions from their extensive product line. From custom fabric options to dimmable and energy-saving lighting, Lutron is one of the most award-winning brands available in the smart home technology industry. There’s no doubt they’re an innovative brand offering versatile solutions for lighting control, and we wanted to share some of the advantages of incorporating Lutron products in your home. We could say we had a light bulb moment when we decided to write a blog about 5 top benefits of home lighting control systems.

Keep reading to learn how your Dallas, TX-area home will shine brightly with these great smart home solutions.

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1.    Be Comfortable

Comfortable lighting in your home is essential, and you can adjust the lighting throughout the day to make your family more comfortable and productive. Bright and white lighting in the mornings energize you, and warmer tones can help relax you at the end of a long day. You can use your smart device or voice control to control your lighting or integrate lighting control into your smart home automation system.

Also, with motorized shades you can control the amount of sunlight that enters your home and avoid additional heat gain in the rooms you’re occupying. This is valuable in the summer months when you want to keep warmth out of your home; once you raise your shades in the winter, you can allow valuable warmth from the sun to enter your home.

2.    Save Energy

Most efforts at saving energy require you to go without in some way, such as reducing your carbon footprint by driving less often. With Lutron’s lighting control systems, you can save energy while adding valuable benefits to your life. You can adjust lighting levels within your home to meet the needs of whatever tasks you need to perform. Targeted task lighting can illuminate tasks requiring intense focus, while dimmed lighting can create ambiance at a dinner party.

3.    Save Money

By reducing your energy usage, you’re also saving money long-term in your Dallas-area home. Many electrical companies even provide energy efficiency rebate programs for using green energy technology. With high-performance LED technology you won’t need to replace bulbs very often, either. Dimmable LEDs extend bulb life even more by reducing power to the lighting source and running at cooler temperatures than their non-dimming counterparts.

4.    Control the Daylight

Lutron offers a variety of motorized shade solutions with a plethora of fabrics in beautiful colors that can be custom made to match the décor of your Dallas home. When the sun is out and daylight is shining through your windows, do you really need to turn your lights on? Often, you don’t, so why not reduce your energy footprint by keeping the lights off and using natural sunlight to light up your home? You can schedule your motorized shades to raise and lower at specific times of day, while also scheduling your interior lighting to turn off at specific times, too.

5.    Intuitive Control

There’s no need to walk throughout your home to turn off light switches and close drapes when you’re ready to head to bed for the evening. With the tap of a button on your smartphone, you can adjust motorized shades and turn off all of the lighting within your home. You can even use voice control to operate your home lighting control and smart shade solutions within your Dallas-area home!

If we’ve piqued your curiosity about lighting control possibilities for your Dallas, TX home, call us today at (972) 250-0006. You can also tell us about your DFW residential project ideas by using our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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