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Intro to Audio and Video Over IP: What You Need to Know

Get to Know Savant’s Innovative AV over IP Solutions for Your Home

Intro to Audio and Video Over IP: What You Need to Know

The standard for broadcasting video into our homes has been SDI for many years. For distributing audio throughout your house, tradition has been using multiple analog to digital converters, as well as long wire runs that diminish audio quality. But with the emergence of Savant’s 4K video over IP and IP audio solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy video and audio over IP throughout your home.

But what exactly is audio and video over IP, and what are its benefits? Continue reading to discover how an updated home audio video system will improve your Park Cities household’s entertainment.

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What Is Audio and Video Over IP?

Audio and video over IP (Internet Protocol) describe an Internet-based method of transmitting media content. No matter the video or audio format, it is automatically converted into your desired output type and can be done over a standard Ethernet network.

IP audio, for example, connects speakers with your music sources through network cables; keeping the entire process digital. Savant’s audio over IP solutions for example, can support up to 96 rooms with connected speakers.

The difference between IP and SDI lies in that the media inputs, IP’s are deconstructed into different streams and then sent over a network as individual packets. Once the audio or video arrives at its destination, it is aligned using the synchronization technology, precision time protocol (PTP). With SDI, the media would be sent through a single SDI cable, connecting two discrete points.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the significant advantages of IP networks is the flexibility that SDI broadcasts lack.  Previously, when transitioning technology formats, a video’s infrastructure had to be replaced entirely. But IP allows you to work with any media format as long as there is sufficient bandwidth on the switches. So, in the foreseeable future, the network infrastructure won’t need to change, safeguarding your video system investment.

IP systems combine video, audio, and data like subtitles and closed captions into a single data flow, reducing the inter-connection complexity. You’ll be able to stream real-time video and audio content, similar to a TV broadcast. Other benefits include distributing 4K video, sending Blu-ray quality video, easily broadcasting copy-protected content, supporting Deep Color picture quality, and full control of displays, input, channel, and more.

What Does Savant Offer?

Savant, a leading manufacturer in smart home technology, has released a pixel-perfect 4K video over IP switching platform. Within this, Savant is also offering video tiling (digital canvases) over IP, which allow multiple video sources at the same time on a single display. Plus, their IP audio distributes any audio source or input to any speaker over the network, without costly speaker wires or lossy analog audio.

Best of all, audio and video over IP allows you to seamlessly control any TV or speaker in your house through the convenience of your Savant app. You won’t have to worry about using separate remotes or bulky boxes by each television. Instead, you can control every music and video source in your home through a single, universal application.

Ready for audio and video over IP at your Texas home in the Park Cities area? To learn more or get started on your own home, give us a call at (972) 250-0006, or fill out our contact form here.

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