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Upgrade Your Lighting Control System With Smart Window Shades

Motorized Blinds Provide the Shading You Need to Maximize Your Lighting Control System

Upgrade Your Lighting Control System With Smart Window Shades

Elements of a gorgeous home include architecture, functional spaces that flow together seamlessly, and unique details and artistry. Lighting plays a significant role as well, creating a look and feel that not only highlights your home's attractive features but also contributes to the mental wellbeing of those who live there. This is why controlling your home lighting system is so critical to achieving the environment you want and need. And one way you can achieve this balance in your home is with a whole-home lighting control system with integrated motorized blinds.

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Energy Savings You Can See

Most well-designed homes will have ample windows that provide plenty of natural lighting while avoiding areas of direct sunlight to reduce heat gains. In this way, you can maximize the natural sunlight in your home without having to turn up your air conditioner. But the modern smart home doesn’t have to rely solely on design to control this aspect of. Motorized blinds can also provide this kind of control, shading and insulating your home during the dog days of summer while adjusting to provide more light on those shorter winter days when you’re stuck inside.

Convenience with the Touch of a Screen

Perhaps my favorite aspect of motorized blinds is the convenience. You are relaxing with your family, but the late afternoon sun is shining right in your mom’s eyes. Sure, she can move to another seat, but that’s her favorite chair. Now, instead of arm wrestling with manual blinds that never seem to close the right way, you can adjust them remotely.

Before your mother can even comment, you open your home automation app on your phone and change your blinds' lighting control settings. Boom, you have just enough daylighting, and your mother doesn't have to squint anymore. Now you both can get back to your conversation about the new flowers she just planted.

Create the Perfect Mood With Shading

In my home, we love natural light. We try to get as much of the sun's rays in our home as we can, any time of day. But daylighting can be a tricky science. There are pretty detailed measurements for it when measuring for buildings like hospitals and schools. But in your home, deciding how much light is up to you. And this can be a full-time job, moving from room to room, adjusting as the day goes by. But with a lighting control system, you can preset motorized blinds to adjust to certain levels on a schedule to let in just the right amount of light in each room. Giving your home the ambiance you want without lifting a finger

Treat yourself to the perfect shading this season with motorized blinds. Contact us on our website or give us a call at (972) 250-0006 to get started.

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