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Prepare Your Texas Home Network Setup For Your Smart Devices

Keep Your Full-Coverage Network Secure in Dallas, TX

Prepare Your Texas Home Network Setup For Your Smart Devices

How many devices do you currently have connected to your Dallas, TX home’s network? There’s at least your smartphone and your family members’ smartphones; there’s your Smart TV, the Xbox, your Ring video doorbell, and the Nest thermostat; add your smart lighting control system and you can see that the list is nearly endless. The recent holiday likely introduced a few new smart devices into your home, as well.

In order to keep all of your smart devices running smoothly, and thus keep your home running smoothly, investing in a home network setup designed by an industry professional like Texas Custom AV is a smart decision.

Keep reading to learn how a professional can ensure the devices in your Dallas, TX, home are running at peak performance with no hiccups on your property.

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Full Coverage of Your Property

Your home network setup includes an individualized assessment of your Dallas, TX property. This personalized assessment ensures areas throughout your property have wireless connectivity, even your outdoor entertainment spaces. For all of your mobile smart gadgets, a Wi-Fi network is critical so no one experiences any lag or dead spots when trying to watch videos or listen to music.

Specific locations in your home may perform better with hardwired connections, especially areas with devices that aren’t mobile or where you’d like reduced latency, such as where you’re playing video games online. The streaming in your home theater or media room could also be more reliable with a hardwired connection. Texas Custom AV consults with every homeowner to determine their needs to create a unique home network setup that will serve your needs now yet also be flexible enough to evolve over time as network demands increase.

Keep Your Data Secure

Besides supporting the performance of your connected smart devices, your home network setup should be secure. By strengthening the security of your network with password protection and network encryption, cyber thieves are blocked from hacking into your network and stealing your personal data. An encryption-protected network can also keep neighbors from hopping onto your network and hogging your bandwidth.

If you’re ready to improve your Dallas-area home’s network and ensure a successful setup that will support all of your connected smart devices, call Texas Custom AV today at (972) 250-0006 or complete our online form to get started. We can’t wait to work with you to improve your home network.

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