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4 Ways Your Smart Home Saves You Energy

Smart Home Automation Makes Conservation Easy

4 Ways Your Smart Home Saves You Energy

Wouldn’t it be nice if energy efficiency and “going green” didn’t add any hindrance or obstacles to your daily routine? Sometimes turning off lights or remembering to adjust the temperature slips the mind. But your smart home has the top energy-saving solution for you. Imagine your home automatically saving you energy and costly bills. See how smart home control in your Dallas, TX home can help you and your family “go green” today.

1. Controlled Lighting

When you’re running out the door for work or an errand, remembering to turn off every light isn’t always at the forefront of your mind. Plus, with multiple family members roaming from room to room and floor to floor, left-on lights are to be expected. But motions sensors can tell when someone enters a room, and notice when they’ve left – then trigger the lights to shut off. Dim your lights to your liking from a control panel or smart device, saving you energy throughout the afternoon. Installing motorized shades can also give you the option to roll them up easily and allow the natural sunlight in so you won’t need your lights on during the day.


2. Smart Thermostat

When it’s a cool and crisp autumn morning, it’s probable that a high heating bill will follow. With a Savant wireless thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature easily and at all hours of the day. If the degrees outside begin to rise, you can use your smart device to control the climate in your home wirelessly through your Wi-Fi. With its HVAC scheduler, your system will sense the outside temperature or time of day, and can automatically adjust accordingly. Expensive air conditions and heating costs won’t skyrocket when the temperature control is under your command.

3. Special Settings

If you’re leaving for a much-needed week vacation, you won’t be there to manage your home’s energy efficiency. With special settings, you can use the Savant app and operate your home while you’re away. You can turn on the “All Off” setting and have everything shut down at once, ensuring that no lights are on and wasting electricity. You have options – turn on lights to make your home appear lived-in, set the security alarm, and change the temperature with one press of a button.

4. Saving and Giving

With your smart home taking the necessary steps for going green, you will see the instant reward and saved money. The funds usually used for your expenses and bills will now be back in your hands. You care about preservation; donating to charities and nonprofits dedicated to conservation could be yet another way for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Customize your smart home to tailor to your needs and save energy at the same time. Learn more about how smart home control can make energy efficiency a reality, by contacting us at (972) 250-0006 or online.

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